#IAmTigTorres (no for realz)

I have been secretly working on the coolest project, and I can officially announce what I've been up to! I play Tig Torres in the new iHeart Radio scripted Podcast, Lethal Lit. Download from iTunes, iHeart Radio or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Earphones Award Winner

Earphones Award Winner
by Courtney Summers | Read by Rebecca Soler, Dan Bittner, Gabra Zackman and a Full Cast
Young Adult Young Adult • 8 hrs. • Unabridged • © 2018
Courtney Summers's powerful story of love, neglect, abuse, and revenge is narrated with irresistible urgency by Rebecca Soler and Dan Bittner, along with an ensemble of supporting narrators. The daughter of a drug-addicted mother, Sadie was left to care for herself and her younger sister, Mattie. When Mattie is murdered, Sadie sets out to identify the killer. Summers's writing is compelling, and Soler and Bittner keep listeners glued to this grim account. Part anguished road trip and part expository podcast, the set-up works well and relieves a bit of tension. Soler excels as the tortured, stuttering Sadie, and Bittner wrings every drop of compassion from radio producer West McCray. Some voices are better suited to their characters than others, but this is a production that will not be forgotten. S.G. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2018, Portland, Maine [Published: OCTOBER 2018]
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AudioFile Review: I'm Not Missing by Carrie Fountain

Narrator Rebecca Soler navigates listeners through Miranda Black's unexpected senior year. Bonded by the disappearances of their mothers at a young age, Miranda and Syd have a friendship that is as constant as the red in the dirt of Las Cruces, New Mexico. But when Syd disappears and Miranda learns the truth about the embarrassing prom fiasco known as the "the Nick Allison incident," Miranda starts to rethink their power dynamic. Soler's range allows her to flow seamlessly between the story's unfolding mystery and its romance. Soler captures the mixed emotions of the curious yet doubting half-Latina protagonist. Soler's delivery highlights the poetic aspects of this story and downplays any predictably in Miranda's search for herself and her loved ones. E.A.N. © AudioFile 2018, Portland, Maine [Published: AUGUST 2018]
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Book Con 2018

What an amazing day at Bookcon 2018 for the Soler/Graves household. Not only did Christopher have a HUGE line of people wanting signed copies of SINNER, but both of us performed on a panel for Macmillan Audio for our upcoming Podcast/Narration of SADIE by Courtney Summers. This production had over 40 voice actors lending their talents to a magnificent book. And if you want a signed copy of SINNER, I think I have an in with the author...
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Sinner by Christopher Graves

Want to read a super suspenseful, cinematic, character-driven psychological thriller? Then buy SINNER by my hunky hubs, Christopher Graves.
Here's a pic at his book launch at The Strand in NYC!

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Legendary by Stephanie Garber

Sooooo stoked. Day 1 of #legendary by @stephanie_garber. It is so good, guys. I have been waiting for this sequel since I finished the last words of #Caraval and it DOESN’T disappoint. Also #iknowsomethingyoudontknow @macmillan.audio
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Renegades Launch Event

Once again celebrating the magical Marissa Meyer’s latest epic adventure “Renegades”. Thrilled to be helping launch her latest in my hometown! #Jointherenegades #LoveThatDirtyWater #BostonYou’reMyHome
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Behind the Scenes of Nimona

I had so much fun recording the title role in Nimona by Noelle Stevenson. Every single monster roar is me, people (just pitched down in editing)! There is no cooler role that getting to be a kick ass shape shifter. If you haven't read the graphic novel RUN to get a copy. Then listen to the vocal stylings of Jonathan Davis, Marc Thompson, January LaVoy, Natalie Gold, Peter Bradbury, and David Pittu.
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Heartless by Marissa Meyer

This week I recorded Marissa's next thrilling novel. This time we get to see how the Queen of Hearts became a head-offing rose-painting villain. (And meet the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and other fun Alice in Wonderland alum). The Lunartics will not be disappointed.

Guys, my job really is the best.
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2016 Audie Award Middle Grade Winner!

This is what they said about us!


by Pam Muñoz Ryan

Narrated by Mark Bramhall, David deVries, MacLeod Andrews, and Rebecca Soler (Scholastic Audio)

Lost and alone in the forbidden Black Forest, Otto meets three mysterious sisters and suddenly finds himself entwined in a puzzling quest involving a prophecy, a promise, and a harmonica.

Decades later, Friedrich in Germany, Mike in Pennsylvania, and Ivy in California each become interwoven when the very same harmonica lands in their lives, binding them by an invisible thread of destiny. All the children face daunting challenges: rescuing a father, protecting a brother, holding a family together. How their suspenseful solo stories converge in an orchestral crescendo will resound in your heart long after the last note has been struck.
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ECHO was given a 2016 Odyssey Honor award!

The Odyssey is the most prestigious award for any publisher producing audiobook recordings for the youth market. Also Pam Munoz Ryan's book was named a Newbery Honor title. The John Newbery Medal is the top prize for outstanding contribution to children's literature. And, the audiobook was also named a "top ten" title on the YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association, a division of the ALA).

I am so lucky to work with the amazing team at Scholastic on this with fellow narrators Mark Bramhall, David de Vries and MacLeod Andrews.
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New WGBH Cartoon Pilot

This year is already starting with a bang! I just found out I will be voicing 1 of 2 adult characters in WGBH's newest cartoon project. WGBH has optioned the rights to “Pinkalicious,” the New York Times bestselling children’s book series by Victoria Kann, and will develop an animated television series for 3- to 8-year-olds. Curious George executive producer Dorothea Gillim will oversee the production. The book series, which debuted in 2006 and now includes nearly 40 titles, is published by HarperCollins.

And of course all things lead back to my hometown, Boston. I grew up watching WGBH. I cannot be more excited. Keep you posted.
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Best of 2015!

"Winter" the last book in my beloved journey with Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles series has been out for less than a month and we were voted "BEST OF 2015" by Audible.com! I can't thank enough all the fans who put us there. I adore all the tweets and feedback (good and bad). It means you care as much as I do about this project. I have been one lucky lady getting this amazing gig.

Thank you Marissa. Thank you MacMillan. THANK YOU AUDIO BOOK LISTENERS!!!
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The Star Wars Reviews Are In

Nothing is more intimidating that being asked to voice Leia in a new Star Wars Novel. The fans know every detail and will call you out (understandably so) on anything remotely inauthentic. Large sigh of relief on the below review.

Thanks AudioBook Reviewer

Being a huge nerd, I love Star Wars and have since the first time I ever saw it. After reading this in the synopsis, “Alexandra Bracken delivers a captivating retelling of Star Wars: A New Hope like you’ve never experienced before”, I had to know more.
So here I am left with a dilemma, how does one write a review of one of the most iconic and influential, at least to me, stories of all time? Answer is I wouldn’t even try.

What I will do is tell you about how I felt listening to a familiar, yet new, version of the classic.

The book was broken up into three aptly named parts that didn’t overlap. The Princess part was told from the point of view of Princess Lia. Starting with her ship being boarded by Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers. To being held captive and tortured by Vader and the interrogation droid and the destruction of her home world Alderaan. The next part was The Scoundrel. Told from the point of view of Han Solo. Picking up in the cantina in Mos Eisley. Moving through his meeting of Obi Wan and Luke to the infiltration of the Death Star and ultimately the death of Obi Wan. The final part was The Farm Boy. Taking us through the escape of the Death Star to it’s ultimate destruction.

I am very happy that Alexandra Bracken didn’t try to reinvent anything. She simply added the thoughts and insights from each of the parts main characters. While also filling in some story that was not explicitly mentioned in the original. For example, she told us of Lea’s backstory of being on the senate, we get to find out that Han Solo isn’t quite as two dimensional as many think he is, and that...
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Yerma Rehearsals - Huntington Theatre

Blessed to be reunited with the magical Melinda Lopez as she adapts Lorca's YERMA. Also get to play with Christina Pumariega and Marianna Basham (shown)again. If I could only be in plays with those two women for the rest of my life I'd be a happy gal.
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JUNE 2015 Earphones Award - ECHO by Pam Munoz Ryan

Here's my latest review. LOVED being a part of this group of narrators. Also you can hear me sing as an 11 year old Mexican girl!

Music infuses this production as four narrators perform interlocked stories about children who encounter a magical harmonica in different time periods. Narrator Mark Bramhall sets the tone with his powerful, accented portrayal of Otto, a boy who gets in lost in an orchard and first finds the magical harmonica during WWII. From there, David de Vries, MacLeod Andrews, and Rebecca Soler take listeners from Germany to Pennsylvania to California with distinctive performances that give a sense of place and life to characters struggling with the rise of the Nazi party, the Great Depression, and then WWII itself. A riveting exploration of that which destroys and that which heals. A.F. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2015, Portland, Maine [Published: JUNE 2015]
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Fina's back

Just finished recording "Brutality" the third installment of Ingrid Thoft's detective series set in my hometown of Boston. It's a wicked good summer read filled with twists and turns. Grab an iced cold Dunkies, plop down on Nantasket Beach and pop in the earbuds for a fun ride. Don't forget the SPF.
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Back at the Huntington Theatre

Psyched to be reunited with M. Bevin O'Gara, my director from Becoming Cuba for the Huntington's Breaking Ground Festival. Non-Player Character by Irne Winner HPF Walt McGough. This dark comedy is inspired by #gamergate and shows the dark side of the gaming community.
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Help Me Obi Wan!

Can't believe I'm recording THE Princess Leia in a new Star Wars novel. Marc Thompson, fellow NYC VO pal and the vocal genius behind the series, is gracefully sharing his world with me.

When I was little, my bro and his best friend would never let me play with any of their Star Wars figurines except Leia because "I was a girl." Clearly all my childhood experience helped me land this role.
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February 2015 Earphones Award Winner

My first Review is in from Audiofiles:

It's almost impossible to select narrator Rebecca Soler's best character in this gem for young listeners. Ten-year-old Melody Bishop's mother died when she was a baby. Since then, it's always been just her and her dad--until she hears him call someone "honey" over the phone. Soler is self-assured and bright as Melody, her best friend, Nick, and her kind dad. Other memorable characterizations include those of a bratty six-year-old neighbor named Teeny and Grandpo Bishop, who goes to the garage "to look for a hammer" when he's going for a smoke. The story's rich text is enhanced by Soler's delivery, with verbs and adjectives getting all the necessary verve. S.G.B. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2015, Portland, Maine [Published: FEBRUARY 2015]
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1 Familia Cubana - 3 IRNE Nominations!!!

Becoming Cuba gets 3 acting IRNE nominations! So proud to announce that my hermana, Christina Pumariega (Best Actress), my hermano, Juan Javier Cardenas (Best Actor) and myself (Best Supporting Actress) were nominated. Cubans representing in New England guys.
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USA Today Interview

Fairest has arrived! In conjunction with the launch the wonderful Jessie Potts, HEA contributor for USA Today and audiobook fan, interviewed me! I just keep pinching myself.
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With Friends Like These Screening

One Year. One Season. Tonight we screened season one and premiered the finale of With Friends Like These. Here's a celebration of self-funded, self-produced, self-created work! The picture is me and the show runner and series lead, Christopher Graves. (He also happens to be my hunky hubs) This is one lucky Executive Producer.
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Atlantia is a hit!

Nereyda Gonzalez is a fellow YA lover and blogger extraordinaire. Check out the lovely things she had to say about Atlantia by Ally Condie.
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With Friends Like These - SEASON ONE FINALE!

This weekend we shoot the final 3 scenes of Season 1. What ride. The best part of self-funding and self-producing your own work is casting your talented friends. This episode we welcome Taifa Harris, Darren Dunstan, Scott Allen Thomas, Molly Lovell and Christina Pumariega to the family. www.wfltseries.com
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Release Day - On A Clear Day

Young heroes decide that they are not too young or too powerless to change their world in this gripping, futuristic young adult novel by the New York Times bestselling author,Walter Dean-Meyers of the Printz Award–winning Monster.

Hate to read? I'll read to you. Check out my AudioFile Review!

Rebecca Soler captures the voice of 16-year-old Dahlia, a computer whiz from the Bronx living in the year 2035. She joins a group of young people who take on a powerful organization that is creating havoc in the world. Soler's pace is perfect. She's especially strong as the pensive Dahlia, who is on edge around her gifted comrades. But humor is evident when Soler portrays Ms. Rosario and other neighbors who serve as Dahlia's family. Most enjoyable is the tone of attitude revealed in the way Dahlia says certain words. Soler fully succeeds in drawing listeners into this mixed bag of characters who come together to fight evil. T.E.C. © AudioFile 2014, Portland, Maine [Published: OCTOBER 2014]
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The Reviews Are In

Got a great write up from AudioFile Magazine:


Adam Pelzman
Read by Rebecca Soler

Rebecca Soler is an excellent narrator for this riveting story of modern love, told from unlikely perspectives. The lives of two characters--Latina stripper Perla and Russian orphan Julian--are intertwined. Soler's characterizations alternate between the street savvy of the stripper and the vulnerability of the resourceful Julian. She varies her pace, speech, and emphasis for Perla and uses restrained tones for Julian's flashbacks. Soler's narration is confident, consistent, and engaging as it draws the listener into a love story that also contains a mystery. Soler proves her dexterity through her believable depictions of both male and female characters and seamless delivery of alternating points of view. M.R. © AudioFile 2014, Portland, Maine [Published: JUNE 2014]
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With Friends Like These - IMDB

This Executive Producer is pleased to announce that our webseries With Friends Like These is officially on IMDB. Check out our link:


Also get ready for the launch of Episode 4 coming June 10th

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Back in the Saddle Again

Psyched to be back in the booth bringing the zany Boston adventures of Fina Ludlow and her privileged family to life. Thanks Ingrid Thoft and Penguin.
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And CUT!

Episode 4 of "With Friends Like These" is wrapped. Now to get our post production on. Here's a candid of Writer/Star - Christopher L. Graves, Director - Matt Scott, and DP - Jason Whitaker making it happen.
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I'm a winner of © AudioFile Earphones Award April 2014

Gosh, look at all the nice things they said about my work:

The Lunar Chronicles, Book 3

Marissa Meyer
Read by Rebecca Soler

Narrator Rebecca Soler delivers a take-no-prisoners performance for the third title in the Lunar Chronicles. Soler's lilting yet edgy voice builds rapport between Lunar captive Cress and her dashing rescuer, Captain Carswell Thorne, all the while building their romance in this fairy-tale space opera. Listeners who aren't "Team Cress" within the first few chapters must be as heartless as Lunar Queen Levana, whose plans to take over Earth are seriously cramping the budding romance between Emperor Kai and fugitive Cinder. Soler's instinctive delivery of Meyer's humor makes the story an addictive listen. Cress and Thorne's repartee, along with the chatter of the fashion-obsessed droid Iko, are just a few of this audio's entertaining moments. Series fans and new listeners will be equally entranced. C.A. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2014, Portland, Maine [Published: APRIL 2014]

- See more at: http://www.audiofilemagazine.com/reviews/read/88420/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=20140430GenreYA#sthash.MuGJkGli.dpuf
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The Reviews Are In - Becoming Cuba

"Martina, played by an ebullient, Rebecca Soler" BOSTON GLOBE
"Rebecca Soler, as pert, man-hungry Martina, supplies plenty of spark." THEATRE MANIA
"Aided by her younger sister (a Feisty, Rebecca Soler)." BROADWAY WORLD
"OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCES! Martina is played passionately by Rebecca Soler" BERKSHIRE FINE ARTS
"Adela is assisted by a younger sister — Rebecca Soler as the saucy, sassy Martina, full of herself and full of life, not yet ground down by the vagaries of war." BOSTONSTAGES.COM
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Preview Madness!

Did you get your tickets yet to "Becoming Cuba"? We are almost sold out and we haven't even opened yet. So thrilled to be surrounded by an amazing creative team, cast and crew. Production photo shout out to T. Charles Erikson who made my sis, Christina Pumariega, and I look good!
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Becoming Cuba by Melinda Lopez

Guess what Cuban girl is going to her hometown of Boston, to do a play set in Cuba?

Thrilled to be able to work on Melinda Lopez's gorgeous play. Set in 1897 Cuba on the eve of the Spanish-American War, spirited widow Adela runs a pharmacy, indifferent to the mounting conflict around her. But when the rebellion comes home to Havana, she must choose between loyalty to country or to family.
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That's A Wrap on Episode 3 - WFLT

Who's afraid of a little ice, rain and snow? Not THIS Executive Producer. We packed up the cast and crew and journeyed out to the wilds of PA for the next installment of With Friends Like These. Did you like our FB page? https://www.facebook.com/wflt2014
Are you following us on Twitter people? @wfltseries
Also Check out our trailer on my legit page. Tell all of your friends. Pretty Please?!
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Troika - Adam Pelzman

I love my job. This week I am in the booth bringing to life the gorgeous words of Adam Pelzman. It is an astonishing stunning tale of a non traditional love story between a Cuban stripper, a paralized wealthy upper east side wife and a Siberian immigrant. Trust me. This is a MUST read for 2014.
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Fa La La La La, I’m Selling Pharmaceuticals

I am back in FRONT of the camera again this week. There is nothing better than a pre-XMAS commercial booking to make Santa Soler even more generous to all she loves. Thanks INVEGA.
**This blog post may cause certain side effects: delirium, greasy food cravings & a need to listen to salsa music. Call your best friend if these symptoms last longer than 2 days. Grab some good Cuban food and a mojito.
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Cyborgs & Lunars & Wolves Oh My

Heading back in the booth to narrate book three of The Lunar Chronicles, “Cress.” Once again Marissa Meyer has created a big world for me to play in. – Now to hone my Saharan accent.
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That’s A Wrap on Episode 2

Episode 2 is in the can – now to edit, orchestrate, sound design, color correct and eat Thanksgiving Dinner. Check out the view from the swanky set that I secured – yup I am a producing phenom.
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Hey Madame Producer

And we’re off. This weekend we shot the pilot episode of “With Friends Like These”. No, I won’t give you my elevator pitch. It’s 10 minutes people. Just watch the dang thing when it comes out in 2014.
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“With Friends Like These”

Reunited and feels so good! The 48 hour film crew is back together. I am thrilled to announce that I am producing a new web series “With Friends Like These” co-conceived and starring Christopher L. Graves and TJ Del Reno, written by Christopher L. Graves, directed by Matt Scott with Director of Photographer, Jason Whitaker. Rounding out the cast are Ryan Blackwell and Stacee Mandeville. Let’s get this party started.
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USA TODAY Shout out

What’s better than going to Turks & Caicos with your hunky hubby? Finding out you have been reviewed AND recommended in USA TODAY for your work while you are the beach sipping a margarita with salt. I thank my lucky stars to be able to work with Marissa Meyer on her amazing “Lunar Chronicles” series.
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We are the Champions, my Friends!

Who says you need a big budget to win big? Our short film “Once a Loser” cleaned up at the NYC 48 hour Film Project. Best Film, Best Director, Best Writer, Best Score, Best Performance by an Ensemble and Audience Favorite! Check out my media page to see the brilliance that is Matt Scott. It looks like we move on to the LA round and then possibly CAANES. Note to self: up cardio 1000% and remove cheese from diet. (smacks head into wall for momentary insanity)
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All These Lives

Psyched to be back in the booth this week recording a beautiful YA novel by Sarah Wylie “All These Lives.” Even more grateful because Sarah requested me to narrate. My newly inflated ego and I hope we did you proud Sarah.
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On your mark, get set..GO!

Genre: Comedy
Prop: A Trophy
Character: Cam Dean “ad exec”
Line of Dialogue: “When do you expect her?”

Under the helm of the formidable Writer/Director Matt Scott and deft eye of DP Jason Whitaker, my cast mates and I spent the day sweating, shmacting and making the funny. Here’s a shout out to the cast/crew: Michael Sinterniklaas, TJ Del Reno, Ryan Blackwell, Stacee Mandeville, Caitlin Brodnick, Tracey Petrillo-Smith.
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Oh my Gawd, Becky Solah’s recoahdin’ a book set in Boston

Before you ask, no you cannot call me Becky. – Unless you have seen me in red Sally Jessy Raphael glasses and a Catholic School uniform.

Nothing is more fun than reading books set in your hometown. “Loyalty,” debut novel of Ingrid Thoft, was a real treat. It is told from the perspective of Fina, a hard hitting PI and the black sheep of the prestigious Ludlow family. Her sister in law is missing and all signs point to her brother. In the process of clearing (or not?) her brother’s name, she runs into pimps, madams, cops, lawyers and townies. Type casting at its finest.
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